Victor and Alex open the show by previewing the BIG3 Championship Game (GO POWER!) and discussing why Urban Meyer’s suspension just doesn’t cut it [0:00-21:11]. Then, 1999 Heisman Trophy Winner Ron Dayne enters the wagon to talk his unbelievable career with the Badgers, why he doesn’t get upset when his records are broken, and whether or not Heisman winners have a secret hangout [21:11-42:59]. Next, Davidson Head Football Coach Scott Abell joins the show as the last interview of the #GNCRT to discuss his decision to come to Davidson, why he believes he can turn the program around, and what makes smaller schools so great [43:00-1:01:49]. Finally, the guys round out the show with Victor going on a long-winded rant about why the Browns won’t be good (feat. the lights turning off in the studio, Super Bowl XLVII-style), “You Ask, We Answer” (feat. an update on an old friend & TP-ing someone’s home), and “Jumping on a Bandwagon” (feat. the Coach of the Year & America Says…)[1:01:49-End].

Victor and Alex open the show by discussing the new NCAA Basketball rules regarding the NBA Draft, as well as who would be the best celebrity to kidnap for ransom money (hint: the answer is Kylie Jenner)[(0:00-19:00). Next, Davidson Athletic Director and Former NBA Executive Chris Clunie enters the wagon to talk his time as a player at Davidson, Steph Curry’s impact on the school, and his work overseas as the director of the NBA’s International Basketball Operations (19:03-35:48). Finally, the guys round out the show joined by our good friend Hawkin for the inauguration of “Talkin’ (Soccer) with Hawkin,” You Ask We Answer (feat. sleeping with one’s uncle and how to enhance psychic powers), and Jumping on a Bandwagon (feat. retired pornstars and helping blind people see)(35:48-End).

Victor & Alex open the show by having a long, drawn-out debate surrounding Ravens QB Lamar Jackson and why the hype around him is getting on one of the guys’ nerves [0:00 - 26:34]. Then, as part of the #GNCRT,  5-Star Wake Forest Men’s Basketball Commit Jaylen Hoard enters the wagon to discuss expectations for Wake Forest this season, playing in the Jordan Brand Classic, and why he may be the greatest Demon Deacon of all-time when it’s all said and done [26:36 - 38:24]. Following Hoard, UNC Women’s Basketball Guard Paris Kea joins the guys to talk about her time at Carolina, how the Heels can get back on top, and whether or not she’s better than the city of Paris, France [38:27 - 45:32]. The guys round out the show with a mean game of “Real or Fake: NFL Preseason Names” and “Jumping on a Bandwagon,” featuring LOTR and Makin’ Side Dough [45:34 - End].

August 2, 2018

Comedian BDAHT (8/2/2018)


Alex and Vic open the show discussing the MLB Trade Deadline and the upcoming football seasons with Take5: Things of Preseason (0:00-19:35). Then, comedian and 102 JAMZ radio host BDAHT joins the wagon to discuss his career in radio, his appearances on Wild ‘n’ Out and Catfish, as well as making a call to close friends, Rockets G Chris Paul (19:36-54:26). The show wraps up with You Ask, We Answer (Is Ice Cube Dead?) and Jumping on a Bandwagon (Standing Your Ground and Locating Players) (54:27-End).

On Tuesday's edition of The Bandwagon, Victor and Alex discuss the conclusion of the Great North Carolina Road Trip from the Raleigh-Durham Airport before Alex flies back to Wisconsin. The guys then debut the first interview of the #GNCRT with two-time NBA All-Star and 1998 NCAA National Player of the Year Antawn Jamison from his annual basketball camp to discuss his camp, giving back, the Lakers signing LeBron, and the way basketball has evolved over the years. The show wraps up with the discussion of Dez Bryant, the SportsMe QOTW: Reenact your favorite sports quote, the reappearance of Trivia in Bolivia: #GNCRT Wrap-Up, and Jumping on a Bandwagon (Cheese Endeavors and The Wisconsin Connection). 



Alex flew to North Carolina to conduct an interview series alongside Vic, so we take you into the first meeting. Also, the voice of UNC football and basketball, recurring guest Jones Angell, jumps on the wagon to address the upcoming seasons, Larry Fedora's comments, and UNC's recruiting class for winter. The show wraps up wiht You Ask, We Answer and Jumping on a Bandwagon. 


Victor and Alex begin the show by discussing all of the latest NBA Free Agency news, including LeBron to the Lakers, Boogie Cousins to the Warriors, and predicting where Carmelo Anthony will end up (0:00-18:36). They also play your responses to the SportsMe Question of the Week: Should the NBA change the playoff format? (18:36-21:58). Next, 2-time NBA Champion Josh Powell enters the wagon to talk about LeBron’s future in Los Angeles, winning titles with the King of LA (Kobe Bryant), and why he believes the Miami Heat robbed him of his first ring (21:58-47:37). The guys round out the show with the return of the fan-favorite segment “You Ask, We Answer” (feat. cucumber sandwiches and cremating mothers) and “Jumping on a Bandwagon” (feat. Vandalism and Harsh Realizations) (47:37-End).


Victor and Alex open up the show by recapping the 2018 NBA Draft and previewing NBA Free Agency (starts on July 1st), with both of the guys slightly freaking out about how boring it may be (0:00-21:32). Then, The Athletic’s Dallas Mavericks and NBA Writer Tim Cato joins the wagon to discuss all things basketball, including his time spent around Luka Doncic at the Draft in New York and where he believes all of the top free agents will land this off-season (21:32-44:37). The guys round out the show by introducing The Bandwagon’s SportsMe Question of the Week, talk about why Jameis Winston is a garbage human being, applaud Jimmy’s Seafood for their Twitter game, and jump on a couple of bandwagons (uncomfortable consistency & BIG3 IS BACK BABY!) (44:37-End).


Victor and Alex return after a way-too-long hiatus and begin the show by discussing all things NBA Draft, including their favorite prospects, how they believe the lottery will shake out on draft night, and a couple of fiery opinions on Oklahoma PG Trae Young (0:00-35:37). Next, TheScore Hoops Writer Wael Saghir enters the wagon to talk who he thinks will be the best player from the 2018 NBA Draft Class, the odd situation with the Memphis Grizzlies, and where he believes LeBron James will end up playing in 2018-19 (35:37-59:43). The guys round out the show with “Real or Fake” (NBA Prospects Edition), SoapBox (Fake Flacco Fanatics and Madden ratings), and Jumping on a Bandwagon (“belee dat” and sausage-related injuries) (59:43-End).


Victor and Alex begin the show by discussing the 2018 NFL Draft and who they believe will be picked 1st overall, whether it’s smart to draft a RB in the top 3, and how great this QB class could be (0:00-20:58). Then, NFL Draft Expert Chad Forbes (@NFLDraftBites) joins the wagon to talk his favorite prospects, some surprise 1st rounders, and whether UCF’s Shaq Griffin is legit (20:58-39:03). The guys round out the show with the first edition of The Vault (featuring a 2013 e-mail to Pardon the Interruption’s producers), Soapbox (bipolar weather and Ricky Rubio), and Jumping on a Bandwagon (independent wrestling and Alex Strouf) (39:03-End).

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